What Are Pro Golfers Doing That You're Not?

Most of us are obsessed with studying how pro golfers swing. It's as if we'll discover some new miraculous secret to improve our game. 

Next time you're fortunate enough to watch a live invitational tournament, try a different approach. Instead of focusing on Tiger Woods' swing, rather study how he warms up and practices.

We did exactly that and are happy to present our findings. Read on to discover how to practice like a pro and improve your golf game.

Playing a Skills Game

Visit any of the PGA tournaments, and you'll likely spot a professional practicing on the circuit. Many big names are brand ambassadors for online casinos, as the two seem to have synchronicity. If you were lucky enough to engage with one of them, they'd likely offer you the following advice: 

Pace yourself

You're not in a race. Golf pros understand this and strive to fall into a rhythm during their practice rounds. The idea is that this rhythm will continue once the tournament begins.

Swing drills

Get your swing into the sweet spot by using a drill to improve your technique. Every pro on the circuit spends a few minutes practicing a swing drill. Keep it simple; perhaps ask your coach for a suggestion, or else find something online.

Practice a pre-shot routine

Aim to step into each shot with a purpose. Even if it's mind-numbingly boring, the repetition will transfer into confidence on the green.

Wedges are your friends

Put up your hand if you're one of those golfers who always seem to hit tons of seven irons and maybe a few drivers. Tiger doesn't do that. In fact, the pros favor plenty of wedges, loads of drivers, and that's it.

Go for a skills game

Challenge yourself as you practice. Practice curving your ball around an alignment rod. Set up tees around the hole. Challenge yourself with little games all the time. It's what the PGA pros do.

Putting lines

This is a big one because professionals obsess over putting lines. Notice how they focus on the start line of their put. Strings, chalk lines, tees; aim to start your put on your intended line. 

In closing

Nothing secret about these secrets, is there? Like most magic formulas, they are hidden in plain sight and waiting for you to take advantage of them. See you on the back nine!

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